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With the special support of Peptide Institute, PeptaNova established a well sorted stock of biologically active peptides, enzyme – substrates, enzyme – inhibitors and peptide antisera, located in the heart of Europe.

Ion Channel Blocker & Toxins

Peptanova offers presently 51 different ion channel blockers including ten Conotoxin peptides , which build a dedicated peptide family.
The offered ion channel blockers like SNX-482 Code 4363-s , Iberiotoxin, Margatoxin or Kurtoxin are chemically manufactured peptides and not isolated from animal origin or made by recombinant technics.

New in 2013: Acid Sensitive Channel Blocker (ASIC3) APETx2
ASIC-1a, ASIC-2a Ion Channel Blocker Mambalgin-1

New Ion channel blocker in 2011: Neuronal Tetrodotoxin-Sensitive Na+-Channel Blocker Huwentoxin-IV HWTX-IV
T-Type Ca2+ Channel / Na+ Channel / K+ Channel Blocker ProTX-1 and ProTX-II Inhibitor of P2X3 Purinoreceptors Purotoxin-I

Mechanosensitive ion channels (MSCs) are ubiquitous from unicellular to multicellular organisms and participate in numerous physiological processes including touch and pain sensation, salt and fluid balance, blood pressure control, cell volume regulation, and turgor control [Physiol. Rev., 81, 685 (2001)]. Analysis of the functions mediated by these channels can be performed by utilizing a specific ion channel blocker with high selectivity to the particular channels.

Peptidic T-type Ca2+-Channel Blocker Voltage-dependent Ca2+-channels are classified according to the nature of their α1 subunits. N-type (Ca2+) calcium channel blockers are potent tools for research and development of alternative analgesic strategies. High voltage-activated channels (HVA) are composed of α1A-α1F/α1S, leading to L-, N-, P/Q- and R-type channels. Peptidic Ca2+ channel blockers like Agatoxin, Calciseptine, Calcicludine, SNX-482, Kurtoxin and Agelenin are specific for each channel and can be ordered easily direct from our stock. PeptaNova offers many different K+ channel blockers like Charybdotoxin, Iberiotoxin, Stichodactyla Toxin or Margatoxin.

A great variety of channel blockers are available for prompt delivery from our store in Sandhausen. All items will be shipped at room temperature by courier service and will arrive immediately after your order. Please visit the following sites to get more information about the offered ion channel blocker peptides manufactured at Peptide Institute.

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