alpha-Conotoxin ImI

alpha-Conotoxin ImI

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alpha-Conotoxin ImI
α-Conotoxin ImI

(Marine Snail, Conus imperialis)

4311-v 0.5 mg | 410.00 EUR

Synthetic Product (disulfide bonds between Cys2-Cys8 and Cys3-Cys12)

Gly – Cys – Cys – Ser – Asp – Pro – Arg – Cys – Ala – Trp – Arg – Cys – NH2

(M.W. 1351.6) C52H78N20O15S4 [156467-85-5]

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Blocker for Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor in Central Nervous System

Shipping | Storage | Stability
Our product alpha-Conotoxin ImI will be shipped at room temperature. Information about product specific storage conditions can be found on the vial. Stock solutions should be stored at -20°C. Please avoid repeated freezing and thawing by preparing aliquots.

Important information:
α-Conotoxin IMI can be shipped to autorized end users with own application labs only. We will need a dedicated end user declaration for this item and cannot ship conotoxin to trading companies!


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