Endothelin Peptides

Since Yanagisawa et al 1998 described the first Endothelin as a potent vasoconstrictor peptide, many other Endothelins and Endothelin related peptides have been isolated and reported. All Endothelin Peptides play a significant part in the regulation of the mammalian cardiovascular system and are involved in several signal transduction processes. Endothelin-1 (ET-1) and ET-3 are mainly produced from their precursor peptides in the vascular endothelium, whereas Endothelin-2 (ET-2) has been found in the kidney. All of these members of the Endothelin family shows two disulfide bonds between the cysteine resisidues 1 – 15 and 3 – 11. The genesis of Endothelin is a stepwise process. A 203 mer protein called Präproendothelin was cleaved in a first step by a specific peptidase into the oligo peptide Big-Endothelin. This proendothelin will be cleaved by endothelin-convertingenzyme into the biologically active Endothelin. The overexpression of endothelin peptides, particularly of ET-1 plays an important role in generation of heart diseases. PeptaNova offers 12 different Endothelin and Big-Endothelin peptides manufactured from Peptide Institute, Inc. Osaka. All offered Endothelin peptides are of synthetic origin, highly purified and tested of biological activity with dedicated essays. Sarafatoxin (B and C) isolated from the snake venom of Atractaspis engaddensis shows many similarities to the Endothelin peptides and can be ordered from PeptaNova as well.

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