Conotoxin and Conantokin

The eleven Conotoxin peptides and the two Conantokin peptides, offered by PeptaNova, are originally isolated from different marine snail species. Both, the conotoxin peptides as well as the conantokin peptides are chemically synthesized peptides of highest purity. All peptides with conotoxin sequence are very potent Ion Channel Blocker :

ACH-R Channel Blocker
α-Conotoxin peptides

Na+Channel Blocker
µ-Conotoxin peptides

Ca2+Channel Blocker
ω-Conotoxin peptides

Several ω-Conotoxin peptides are selective blockers for N-type (Ca2+) calcium channels located in the spinal cord and are potent targets for the development of alternative analgesic strategies. The two Conantokin peptides Conantokin G and Conantokin T are commonly called sleeper peptides, due to their extemly potent sleep inducing activity. All offered Conotoxin peptides are available in Europe for research and development only. We will need a dedicated customers declaration for each conotoxin from enduser (university or registered lab) and can not deliver these peptides to trading companies for resale.

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