AMC / MCA Substrates

PeptaNova offers a large number of fluorogenic substrates from AMC / MCA type for many different enzymes. The abbreviation MCA is standing for Methyl Cumaryl Amide and is often used as a synonym for AMC: Amino Methyl Cumarin. The fluorogenic substrates from PeptaNova produced by Peptide Institute Inc. are prepacked in vials and ready for use. The purity of our AMC substrates is usually greater than 98% determinded per HPLC. All fluorogenic substrates from AMC / MCA type will be shipped at ambient temperature directly from our store in Sandhausen, Germany.

PDF: Assay Method Using peptidyl-AMC (MCA) Substrates (1)

PDF: Measurement of AMC Substrates using an Auto-Fluorescence Spectrometer

PDF: Measurement of Caspase-7 using an Auto-Fluorescence Spectrometer

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