Carbohydrates and Conjugate

Carbohydrates, Glycosidase Inhibitors, Endotoxin (Synthetic) and Glycopeptides.For nearly half a century, Peptide Institute have been engaged in synthesising biologically active peptides with variable post-translational modifications. Glycopeptides are included in our synthetic repertoire. These glycopeptides contain a carbohydrate moiety introduced on the side chain of Serine, Threonine or Asparagine, which in turn, affects more or less its intrinsic activity. For the synthesis of glycopeptides, the knowledge of carbohydrate chemistry as well as that of peptide chemistry, is required.The offered Endotoxin residues are manufactured under the use of chemical methods and are not isolated from biological sources. Therefore no biological contamination must be suspected by using Lipid A, or Lipid IVA offered from PeptaNova.Protected Galactose, Glucose and Mannose derivatives are useful tools for the chemical synthesis of carbohydrates.

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