Amyloid beta Protein Peptides

Biologically active Amyloid beta Protein peptides for Alzheimer´s disease research PeptaNova offers eighteen different synthetic Amyloid beta Protein Peptides in highest quality for the research of Alzheimer´s disease. Amyloid beta-Protein (Human, 1-40) is available as trifluoracetate salt in the Random Coil Form and as hydrochloride salt for the rapid structure change from Random Coil into the β-Structure.The plaque components in Alzheimer´s disease Amyloid beta-Protein (human, 1-42) and (human 1-43) are lyophilized as trifluoracetate. The reversed sequences of Amyloid beta-Protein (40-1) or (42-1) are very useful as control peptides in different assays.All Amyloid beta Protein Peptides listed in this catalog are reagents for research and experimental use only. Our peptides are not manufatured under GMP and are not intended for use in or for humans or animals.
Six different Antisera of Amyloid β-Protein Related Peptides for EIA, ELISA or other immunoassays are available.

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