Hepcidin | LEAP-1 – Novel Antimicrobial Peptides identified in Human Blood Ultrafiltrate

New, available since March 2012: Hepcidin (Rat) | Iron-Regulatory Peptide
[13C18,15N3]-Hepcidin (Human) | Stable Isotope-Labeled Peptide for Mass Spectrometric Detection of Hepcidin (Human)

Liver-expressed antimicrobial peptide 1 ( LEAP-1 / Hepcidin (Human) ) has been found by a systematic screening of human blood ultrafiltrate for biologically peptides and proteins. This polypeptide shows significant antimicrobial activities as well as important functions in iron homeostasis. Some years after the publication of LEAP-1 | Hepcidin, the second liver expressed anti microbial peptide LEAP-2 has been found circulating in human blood. [Protein Sci., 12, 143 (2003)]. The investigated peptide is build of 40 amino acid residues and shows two disulfide bridges between Cys1-Cys3 and Cys2-Cys4. Both liver expressed antimicrobial peptides LEAP-1 as well as LEAP-2 are interesting tools in the research of the function and value of peptides in self-defense against different kind of microbial species in humans.

In addition to the human sequence of Hepcidin (human) (Hepc25), PeptaNova offers two Hepcidin peptides with animal specific sequences. Murine Hepcidin-1 (mouse) and Hepcidin-1 (rat) are available for soon delivery in vials of 100 µg or 50 µg pure peptide. In close cooperation with Peptide Institute, we can offer custom synthesis of Hepcidin peptides with other animal specific sequences. We have made recently Hepcidin (dog) and Hepcidin (rabbit) for research purposes.

Supplementary to the three natural Hepcidin peptides offered by PeptaNova, Peptide Institute has manufactured the stable isotope-labeled Hepcidin with human sequence. This 13C18,15N3]-labeled Hepcidin is a very useful marker for mass spectrometric screening of human blood ultrafiltrate or urine. PeptaNova offers [13C18,15N3]-Hepcidin (Human) in vials of 20 µg for prompt delivery ex stock Sandhausen.

In addition to LEAP-1 and LEAP-2, PeptaNova offers a great variety of host defense peptides in a separate category ( Antimicrobial Peptides ).

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