Caspase specific Substrates

Substrates for CaspasesThe different Caspases plays important roles in apoptosis, necrosis and inflammation. PeptaNova offers Caspase specific fluorogenic substrates from AMC (Amino Methyl Cumarin) type, AFC (Amino Trifluoromethyl Cumarin) type and fluorescence-quenching substrates from MCA / Dnp type for Caspase-1 till Caspase-9.Caspase substrates from PeptaNova produced by Peptide Institute Inc. or California Peptide Research Inc. are synthetic products, carefully freeze dried and prepacked in vials ready for use. The purity of our fluorogenic / fluorescence-quenching substrates is usually greater than 98% determinded per HPLC. All caspase substrates from fluorogenic / fluorescence-quenching type will be shipped at room temperature directly from our store in Germany.

PDF: Measurement of Caspase-7 using an Auto-Fluorescence Spectrometer

Links to publications that used our caspase specific substrates:

Selective and Sensitive Monitoring of Caspase-1 Activity by a Novel Bioluminescent Activity-Based Probe

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