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Ac-Asp-Gln-Thr-Asp-AMC | Ac-DQTD-AMC

Ac-Asp-Gln-Thr-Asp-MCA | Ac-DQTD-MCA

3193-v 5 mg | 95.00 EUR

Acetyl- L-aspartyl- L-glutaminyl- L-threonyl- L-aspartic acid α-(4-methyl- coumaryl- 7- amide)

(M.W. 676.63) C29H36N6O13

Synthetic Product
A trace of impurity might be detectable by TLC when 100 µg is applied to the plate. The amount of contamination detectable by HPLC is less than 2 %.

Selective Substrate for Caspase-3/7 (apopain; Yama; CPP-32)
(Deduced from the Cleavage Site of Focal Adhesion Kinase and Gelsolin)


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