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Ac-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-AMC | Ac-DEVD-AMC

Ac-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-MCA | Ac-DEVD-MCA

3171-v 5 mg | 105.00 EUR

Acetyl- L-aspartyl- L-glutamyl- L-valyl- L-aspartic acid α-(4-methyl- coumaryl- 7- amide)

(M.W. 675.65) C30H37N5O13 [169322-61-0]

Synthetic Product
A trace of impurity might be detectable by TLC when 100 µg is applied to the plate. The amount of contamination detectable by HPLC is less than 2 %.

Selective Substrate for Caspase-3/7/8 (apopain; Yama; CPP-32)

Ac-DEVD-AMC is a selective fluorogenic caspase substrate taken out of the sequence of the target enzyme Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase. The fluorogenic tetrapeptide substrate Ac-DEVD-AMC is a useful tool for the identification and quantification of Caspase-3 activity in apoptotic cells. The fluorogenic AMC residue will be released by Caspase-3 activity and can be quantified in a spectrofluorometer. You can order the reference substance AMC (7-amino-4-methylcoumarin) Code: 3099-v in high quality for prompt delivery ex stock.

The related reversible inhibitor Ac-DEVD-CHO Code: 3172-v is available as well by PeptaNova.


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