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Peptide toxin originally isolated from the venom of the Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis)

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Leu- Lys- Cys- Tyr- Gln- His- Gly- Lys- Val- Val- Thr- Cys- His- Arg- Asp- Met- Lys- Phe- Cys- Tyr- His- Asn- Thr- Gly- Met- Pro- Phe- Arg- Asn- Leu- Lys- Leu- Ile- Leu- Gln- Gly- Cys- Ser- Ser- Ser- Cys- Ser- Glu- Thr- Glu- Asn- Asn- Lys- Cys- Cys- Ser- Thr- Asp- Arg- Cys- Asn- Lys

(M.W. 6554.50) C272H429N85O84S10

Synthetic Product (reported disulfide bonds between Cys3 – Cys19, Cys12 – Cys37, Cys41 – Cys49 and Cys50 – Cys55 )

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Mambalgin-1 is an analgesic peptide targeting to Acid-Sensing Ion Channels

Mambalgin-1, offered from PeptaNova is manufactured by solid phase peptide synthesis. The 57 amino acid residue peptide is folded by four disulfide bridges. Mambalgin-1 is a very effective blocker of the acid-sensitive ion channels of the ASIC group and seems to be able to suppress pain as effective as commonly used morphine derivatives. The peptide shows no toxicity in mice models and has the potential to be a new target in the research of pain suppression and analgesia.

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