Endothelin-2 (Human)

Endothelin-2 (Human)

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Endothelin-2 (Human)

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Synthetic Product (disulfide bonds between Cys1-Cys15 and Cys3-Cys11)

Cys – Ser – Cys – Ser – Ser – Trp – Leu – Asp – Lys – Glu – Cys – Val – Tyr – Phe – Cys – His – Leu – Asp – Ile – Ile – Trp

(M.W. 2546.9) C115H160N26O32S4 [123564-20-9]

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

The biological activity of Endothelin-2 (Human) is examined by the Division of Pharmacology, Peptide Institute, Inc.

Endothelin-2 (Human) shows a very close structural homology to Sarafotoxin B which is offered as well in highest quality from PeptaNova.


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  2. Y. Itoh, C. Kimura, H. Onda, and H. Fujino, Nucleic Acid Res., 17, 5389 (1989) (Original; Canine cDNA)

This peptide is distributed through Peptide Institute, Inc. under the license of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Scienence & Technology (AIST)