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(Synthetic peptide originally isolated from Tarantula, Hysterocrates gigas)

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(M.W. 4495.0) C192H274N52O60S7

Ca2+ channel blocker

SNX-482 is a well defined channel blocker, which belongs to the group of R-type (or class α1E) selective channel blockers. The peptide toxin SNX-482 was originally isolated from African spider venom and described from R. Newcomb at al as a complex polypeptide, composed of 41 amino acids including three disulfide bridges. It blocks oxytocin but not vasopressin release and reduces secretion of insulin. This synthetic channel blocker is often used in the research of pain transmission and in neuropathic pain models.
The Voltage-dependent channels from Ca2+ subtype plays well defined roles in the neurotransmitter release and other physiological functions.

Blocking activity of SNX-482

class E Ca channel IC50 = 15-30 nM
R-type Ca current 40 nM
N-type Ca current weakly blocked 30-50% at 300-500 nM

SNX-482 is a synthetic polypeptide, carefully manufactured and analized by Peptide Institute, Osaka. The purity of our product is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC.

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  1. Altered synaptic transmission at olfactory and vomeronasal nerve terminals in mice lacking N-type calcium channel Cav2.