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(M.W. 342.44) C17H30N2O5 [88321-09-9]

Synthetic Product

Inhibitor for Thiol Protease (Cathepsin B/H/L, Calpain)

E-64-d is the membrane permeable analog of the inhibitor E-64-c. By the chemical point of view, E-64-d is the ethylester of the Thiol Protease inhibitor E-64-c, which will released from E-64d after hydrolysis by intracellular esterases. It is reported that E-64-d inhibits degradation of plasma membrane proteins in endosomes and prevents both calpain upregulation and apoptosis. The inhibitor E-64-d offered from PeptaNova is chemically manufactued and not from biological origin.

The standard inhibitor for cystein proteases E-64 is also available for prompt delivery ex stock.


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