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L-trans-Epoxysuccinyl-Ile-Pro-OH propylamide

4322-v 5 mg | 155.00 EUR

(L- 3- trans- (Propylcarbamoyl)oxirane- 2- Carbonyl) L-isoleucyl- L-proline

(M.W. 383.44) C18H29N3O6 [134448-10-5]

Synthetic Product

Inhibitor for Cathepsin B

CA-074 (Cathepsin B Inhibitor III) is a selective irreversible inhibitor of cathepsin B with lower membrane permeability as the related methyl ester CA-074 Me. The more specific inhibitor CA-074 enables the inhibition of endogenous cathepsin B, while intracellular cathepsin L remains unaffected. It should be used instead of CA-074 Me for the specific inactivation of cathepsin B in living cells.

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The peptide inhibitor CA-074 is distributed through Peptide Institute, Inc. under the license of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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