(Z-LL)2 Ketone

(Z-LL)2 Ketone

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(Z-LL)2 Ketone | (Z-Leu-Leu-NHCH2)2CO

3218-v 5 mg | 68.00 EUR

1,3- Bis[(benzyloxycarbonyl- L- leucyl- L- leucyl)amino]acetone

(M.W. 809.00) C43H64N6O9

Synthetic Product

Inhibitor for Signal Peptide Peptidase

(Z-LL)2 Ketone is established as a new selective Signal Peptide Peptidase inhibitor and did not block lysosomal cathepsins.

Shipping | Storage | Stability
Our product (Z-LL)2 Ketone will be shipped at room temperature. Information about product specific storage conditions will be found on the vial. Stock solutions should be stored at -20°C. Please avoid repeated freezing and thawing by preparing aliquots.


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