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ProTX-II (Protoxin-II)
(Tarantula, Thrixopelma pruriens)

4450-s 0.1 mg | 150.00 EUR

Tyr- Cys- Gln- Lys- Trp- Met- Trp- Thr- Cys- Asp- Ser- Glu- Arg- Lys- Cys- Cys- Glu- Gly- Met- Val- Cys- Arg- Leu- Trp- Cys- Lys- Lys- Lys- Leu- Trp

(M.W. 3826.60) C168H250N46O41S8

Synthetic Product (disulfide bonds between Cys2– Cys16, Cys9– Cys21 and Cys15– Cys25 ) and not from animal origin

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Na+ Channel (Especially Nav1.7) / Ca2+ Channel Blocker (Gating Modifier)

ProTx-II was originally isolated from the venom of the tarantula Thrixopelma pruriens. Potent channel blocker with high selectivity for Nav1.7 channel.
ProTx-II is a potent inhibitor for tetrodotoxin-sensitive and tetrodotoxin-resistant voltage-gated sodium channels. The Nav1 type channels exists in different sub types and ProTx-II shows a special affinity to the Nav1.7 channel which is responsible for pain processing.


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