Lipid A (E. coli)

Lipid A (E. coli)

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Lipid A (E. coli)

Compound 506, LA-15-PP

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2-Deoxy-6-O-{2-deoxy-2-[(R)-3-(dodecanoyloxy) tetradecanoylamino]- 3- O- [(R)- 3- (tetra decanoyloxy) tetra decanoyl]- β- D-glucopyranosyl}- 3- O- [(R)- 3 -hydroxy tetra decanoyl]- 2-[(R)- 3 -hydroxy tetra decanoylamino]- α- D-glucopyranose 1,4′-diphosphate

(M.W. 1798.40) C94H178N2O25P2

Synthetic Product (Triethylammonium Form)

Download: PDF-structural formula

Lipid A (E. coli) is the active Principle of Endotoxin

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  1. Human caspase-4 detects tetra-acylated LPS and cytosolic Francisella and functions differently from murine caspase-11


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