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N-Acetyl- L-Cysteine- S- [(2R,3S,4R)- 3-Hydroxy- 2- [(1S)- 1- Hydroxy- 2- Methylpropyl]- 4- Methyl- 5- Oxo- 2-Pyrrolidinecarbonyl]

(M.W. 376.43) C15H24N2O7S [133343-34-7]

Microbial Product

Inhibitor for Proteasome

Lactacystin, a freeze dried microbial product is soluble in Water, DMF, DMSO, Acetonitril or Alcohol. This inhibitor can be easily prepared as a 10 mM stock solution in DMSO and stored at – 80 °C.
Cardiological experiments indicated positive effects of Lactacystine on migration and growth of vascular smooth muscle cells. The proteasome inhibitors
Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-H [MG-132] and Lactacystine where described as potent inhibitors for the degradation of 1–512 HDC. It is reported that Lactacystin may induce Apoptosis in monoblastoma cells.


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