Ghrelin (Rat)

Ghrelin (Rat)

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Ghrelin (Rat)

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Gly – Ser – Ser(n- Octanoyl) – Phe – Leu – Ser – Pro – Glu – His – Gln – Lys – Ala – Gln – Gln – Arg – Lys – Glu – Ser – Lys – Lys – Pro – Pro – Ala – Lys – Leu – Gln – Pro – Arg

(M.W. 3314.8) C147H245N45O42 [258338-12-4]

Synthetic Product (Trifluoracetate Form)

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Endogenous Growth-Hormone Releasing Peptide with Novel Regulatory Mechanism

Small synthetic molecules called growth-hormone secretagogues (GHSs) stimulate the release of growth hormone (GH) from pituitary through a G-protein-coupled receptor (GHS-R) [Science, 260, 1640 (1993); Cell. Mol. Life Sci., 54, 1316 (1998)]. However, the specific endogenous ligand for this receptor has long been unidentified, therefore, this receptor is considered to be one of the orphan receptors.

Endogenous ligand for GHS-R is now identified as ghrelin with the following characteristics:

  1. ghrelin is a 28-residue peptide with a n-octanoyl group at Ser3,
  2. ghrelin stimulates GH-release from rat primary cultured pituitary cells in a dose-dependent manner (EC50 = 2.1 nM), and
  3. ghrelin induces an increase of intracellular Ca2+ in GHS-R-expressing cells with EC50 value of 2.5 nM [Nature, 402, 656(1999)].

Although ghrelin and the known hypothalamic peptide, growth-hormone releasing factor, stimulate GH-release, there is a distinction between these peptides both in GH secretion mechanism and in structural aspect. Octanoyl group attached on the side chain of Ser3 is essential for expressing activity. Rat and human peptide sequences are clarified to be mutually identical except for the amino acid substitutions at positions 11 and 12. Interestingly, the major ghrelin-producing tissue is the stomach, and ghrelin immunoreactivity is found in healthy human blood. This fact may provide the new regulation mechanism for GH-release; ghrelin secreted from the stomach circulates in the blood stream to the pituitary where this peptide exerts a GH-releasing function. It is conceivable that ghrelin may have other functions in some tissues other than pituitary, because GHS-R is expressed in heart, lung, pancreas, intestine and adipose tissue.

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  1. M. Kojima, H. Hosoda, Y. Date, M. Nakazato, H. Matsuo and K. Kangawa, Nature, 402, 656 (1999) (Original)

Ghrelin is distributed through Peptide Institute, Inc. under the license of Dr. K. Kangawa