Cortistatin (Rat)

Cortistatin (Rat)

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Cortistatin (Rat)
CST-14 (Rat)

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Synthetic Product (disulfide bond between Cys2-Cys13)

Pro – Cys – Lys – Asn – Phe – Phe – Trp – Lys – Thr – Phe – Ser – Ser – Cys – Lys

(M.W. 1721.0) C81H113N19O19S2

The purity of the synthetic Cortistatin (Rat) | CST-14 is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Neuronal Depressant and Sleep-Moldulating Peptide

Cortistatin (Rat) CST-14 is usually classified as a member of the Somatostatin family, because this endogenous neuropeptide shows some sequence homology and functional similarities to Somatostatin, but there are also significant differences including tissue distribution and receptor selectivity. Cortistatin 14 was found in the cortex and hippocampus and shows neuronal depressant and sleep modulating activities. Additionally Cortistatin (Rat) | CST-14 was described as a potential endogenous antiinflammatory factor.


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