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Chymostatin can be used as week inhibitor for human leucocyte elastase and as strong inhibitor of many proteinases, including chymotrypsin, chymotrypsin-like serine proteinases, papain, as well as some lysosomale cysteinproteases like Cathepsine A, B, C, B, H und L. Chymosatin, Article no.: 4063 from Peptide Institute Inc. is commonly used as the standard inhibitor for chymase. This inhibitor is often applied as major component in “protease inhibitor cocktails”, for the isolation of peptides from biological sources. Chymostatin eliminates extracellular protease activities in cell cultures in combination with Pepstatin A .
Chymostatin offered from Peptanova is a microbial derived product produced by actinomycetes. It is a natural mixture of the active components Chymostatin A, B and C. The inhibitor is soluble in acetic acid and DMSO, slightly soluble in water, ethanol or methanol, but insoluble in many organic solvents.

Chymostatin | Inhibitor for Chymotrypsin, Papain, and Cathepsin A/B/D

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[(S)-1-Carboxy-2-phenylethyl]-carbamoyl-α-[2-iminohexahydro-4(S)-pyrimidyl]-(S)-glycyl- X-phenylalaninal [9076-44-2]
X: L-Leu (Type A), L-Val (Type B), L-Ile (Type C)
A Mixture of Type A, B, and C
Microbial Product (Purity of this compound is kept at a level of around 50 %)


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Chymostatin is distributed through Peptide Institute, Inc. under the technical and scientific advices of Microbial Chemistry research Foundation

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