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Ala-Ala-Phe-CH2Cl | Ala-Ala-Phe-chloromethylketone

3202-v 5 mg | 85.00 EUR

L-Alanyl- L-alanyl- L-phenylalanyl- chloromethane (Trifluoroacetate Form)

(M.W. 339.82) C16H22N3O3Cl [102129-66-8]

Synthetic Product

Irreversible Inhibitor for Tripeptidyl Peptidase II (Component of Giant Protease with Some Proteasome Function), Chymotrypsin and Chymase

The synthetic serine protease inhibitor AAF-CMK, code 3202-v inhibits tripeptidyl peptidase II (TPP II) irreversibly and inhibits TPP I reversibly. Interference of this Tripeptidyl peptidase II (TPPII) with the chymotrypsin-like activity of the proteasome seems to be negligible. Inhibition of bleomycin hydrolase by inhibitor AAF-CMK is reported.

For Laboratory use only! Not for Drug Use!


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