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[(2S,3R)- 3- Amino- 2- Hydroxy- 5- Methyl- Hexanoyl]- L- Valyl- L- Valyl- L- Aspartic Acid

(M.W. 474.55) C21H38N4O8Cl [67655-94-1]

Synthetic Product

Amastatin is a competitive inhibitor for human Serum Aminopeptidase A, M and Leucine Aminopeptidase.

The protease inhibitors Amastatin and Leupeptin (Code 4041)
can be used in combination with EDTA for the stabilization of endogenous, biologically active peptides in plasma or serum as well as in whole blood.
Amastatin shows effects on the hydrolysis of some opioid peptides. Since Amastatin and Phosphoramidon supresses aminopeptidase actions coinjection of these inhibitors shows significant prolongation effects an vasopressin and oxytocin activities.


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Amastatin is distributed through Peptide Institute, Inc. under the license of Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation.