Agouti-Related Protein (Human, 86 – 132)

Agouti-Related Protein (Human, 86 – 132)

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Agouti-Related Protein (Human, 86 – 132)
AGRP (Human, 86 – 132)

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Synthetic Product (Disulfide bonds between Cys87-Cys102, Cys94-Cys108, Cys101-Cys119, Cys105-Cys129 and Cys110-Cys117)

Arg – Cys – Val – Arg – Leu – His – Glu – Ser – Cys – Leu – Gly – Gln – Gln – Val – Pro – Cys – Cys – Asp – Pro – Cys – Ala – Thr – Cys – Tyr – Cys – Arg – Phe – Phe – Asn – Ala – Phe – Cys – Tyr – Cys – Arg – Lys – Leu – Gly – Thr – Ala – Met – Asn – Pro – Cys – Ser – Arg – Thr

(M.W. 5347.2) C223H339N69O63S11

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Melanocortin Receptor-3 / 4 Antagonist, Appetit Boosting Peptide

A gene encoding agouti-related protein (AGRP) was isolated in 1997 during a search of the proteins related to agouti protein which was known to affect pigmentation through the melanocortin receptor 1 (MC-1). AGRP shows some sequence similarity to agouti protein, including the distribution of the 10 cysteine residues in the C-terminal domain. However, AGRP and agouti protein bind to distinct types of melanocortin receptors. The receptors for AGRP are reported to be MC-3 and MC-4, which are known to participate in the regulation of feeding, whereby the binding of an antagonist like AGRP stimulates food intake. Some groups have attempted to identify the active domain of a 132 amino acid precursor protein, one of which is AGRP(86-132)1). IC values of this peptide in the competitive binding assay for MC-3 and MC-4, expressed in human embryonic kidney cells, were 2 nM and 19 nM, respectively. Competitive inhibition of α-MSH-stimulated cAMP production was also detected for MC-3 and MC-4, but not for MC-1 and MC-5, indicating the selective nature of the action of AGRP(86-132) with respect to melanocortin receptors.


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