Urotensin II – Related Peptide (Human, Rat, Mouse)

Urotensin II – Related Peptide (Human, Rat, Mouse)

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Urotensin II – Related Peptide (Human, Rat, Mouse);

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Ala – Cys – Phe – Trp – Lys – Tyr – Cys – Val

(M.W. 1017.2) C49H64N10O10S2

Synthetic Product (Disulfide bond between Cys2– Cys7)

This compound has some inherent instability. The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 97% by HPLC

Urotensin II – Related Peptide (Human, Rat) | Endogenous Hypotensive Peptide

The precursor sequence of rat urotensin II was reported in 19991). Tentative rat urotensin II (Code 4371-v) was chemically synthesized based on its predicted precursor sequence and confirmed to possess potent vasoconstricting activity, as well as hypotensive activity. However, nothing has been reported since then concerning the endogenous form of rat urotensin II. Recently, Sugo and coworkers of Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd. have reported the discovery of an endogenous peptide in rat brain2), which was detected using an antibody against goby urotensin II. Actually, they identified sole immunoreactivity in a single entity and the determined primary structure resembled that of urotensin II. Therefore, they termed this newly identified peptide, urotensin II-related peptide (URP). The cDNA sequence of rat URP was then determined, showing that this peptide sequence is flanked by the potential processing site, Lys-Arg, at its amino-terminus. Applying these same procedures, human and mouse URPs were also elucidated and determined to be identical to rat URP. This newly discovered URP shows: i) a saturable binding activity to human and rat urotensin II receptors (UIIRs) with high affinity (Kd = 170 pM and 91 pM, respectively), ii) a Ca2+ mobilization activity in the Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing human or rat UIIR with ED50 values of 4.8 nM (human UIIR) and 0.55 nM (rat UIIR), and iii) long-lasting hypotensive effect in anesthetized rat at 10 nmol/kg dosage levels. Even though tissue levels of prepro-URP were found to be abundant in both human and rat, the distribution is different in both and also distinct from that of UII. Now that the endogenous form of rat UII peptide "urotensin II-related peptide" has been clarified, this should allow for more precise experiments concerning the biological activities elicited by the
Urotensin-Family of peptides.


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