Neuropeptide S (Human)

Neuropeptide S (Human)

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Neuropeptide S (Human)
NPS (Human)

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Ser – Phe – Arg – Asn – Gly – Val – Gly – Thr – Gly – Met – Lys – Lys – Thr – Ser – Phe – Gln – Arg – Ala – Lys – Ser

(M.W. 2187.5) C93H155N31O28S

Synthetic Product

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Neuropeptide S, a novel modulator of arousal and anxiety
The small basic peptide NPS was found in the brain of a great variety of aninimal species. Neuropeptide S could be a useful tool in understanding of neurobiological mechanisms.


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