Neuronostatin-13 (Human)

Neuronostatin-13 (Human)

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Neuronostatin-13 (Human)
(Chimpanzee, Porcine, Canine, Ovine, Biovine, chicken)

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(M.W. 1415.7) C64H110N20O16

Synthetic Product

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Neuronostatin-13 a Brain/Gut Hormone in Pro-Somatostatin with Neuronal/Neuroendocrine/Cardiovascular Activity

In the post-genome era, a novel peptide called Neuronostatin-13 has been predicted in pro-somatostatin gene sequence based on bioinformatics method. Neuronostatin-13 was purified from porcine tissue by immuno-affinity procedure and then confirmed to be an endogenous peptide. Actually Neuronostatin-13 (Human) is a 13 amino acid residue peptide with carboxyl-terminal amidation, the primary structure is conserved in human chimpanzee and some other mammals.

The biological functions of Neuronostatin-13 reported so far include:

  1. Intracerebroventricular administration of Neuronostatin-13 in rats increased blood pressure but suppressed food intake and water drinking (0.3 nmol per rat).
  2. in both brain and gastric cells, Neuronostatin-13 stimulatesc-Fos expression and cell profileration/migration.
  3. this peptide depresses cardiac contractile function.

Thus, neuronostatin-13 might be a new member of brain/gut hormones. In addition, the function of neuronostatin-13 is not mediated by somatostatin receptors. Neuronostatin-13 with "diverse neuronal, neuroendocrine and cardiovascular actions" could be of interest in the reseach field of hormon regulation of the body.


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