Melanin-Concentrating Hormone (Human)

Melanin-Concentrating Hormone (Human)

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Melanin-Concentrating Hormone (Human)
MCH (Human)
(Rat, Mouse)

4369-v 0.5 mg | 105.00 EUR

Asp – Phe – Asp – Met – Leu – Arg – Cys – Met – Leu – Gly – Arg – Val – Tyr – Arg – Pro – Cys – Trp – Gln – Val

(M.W. 2386.8) C105H160N30O26S4 [128315-56-0]

Synthetic Product

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Appetite Boosting peptide


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This peptide is distributed through Peptide Institute, Inc. under the license of The Salk Institute.