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Met – Ala – Pro – Arg – Gly – Phe – Ser – Cys – Leu – Leu – Leu – Leu – Thr – Ser – Glu – Ile – Asp – Leu – Pro – Val – Lys – Arg – Arg – Ala

(M.W. 2687.2) C119H204N34O32S2 [330936-69-1]

Synthetic Product (Trifluoracetate Form)

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 99% by HPLC

Humanin protects human brain cells from neuronal cell death

The small polypeptide Humanin built of 24 amino acid residues was recently described from Ikuo Nishimoto working at the KEIO University School of Medicine in Tokyo. Humanin protects in vitro experiments neuronal cells from the deadly influence of amyloid peptides. It was assumed that Humanin can be a new target in alzheimers desease research.
The synthetic Humanin analogon [Gly14]-Humanin
shows a significant increased neuroprotectiv activity.

Humanin contains a single cysteine residue and shows a tendency to form dimers. Please use fresh preparations only and do not store aliquots in a freezer.


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