Gla17,21,24-Osteocalcin (Human)

Gla17,21,24-Osteocalcin (Human)

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Gla17,21,24-Osteocalcin (Human)
Osteocalcin (Human, Gla17,21,24)

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Tyr- Leu- Tyr- Gln- Trp- Leu- Gly- Ala- Pro- Val- Pro- Tyr- Pro- Asp- Pro- Leu- Gla- Pro- Arg- Arg- Gla- Val- Cys- Gla- Leu- Asn- Pro- Asp- Cys- Asp- Glu- Leu- Ala- Asp- His- Ile- Gly- Phe- Gln- Glu- Ala- Tyr- Arg- Arg- Phe- Tyr- Gly- Pro- Val (Gla: L-γ- Carboxyglutamic acid

(M.W. 5329.4) C169H381N67O82S2 [136461-80-8]

Synthetic Product (Disulfide bonds between Cys23 – Cys29)

The purity is guaranteed to be higher than 97% by HPLC

Bone Gla Protein


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