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4062-v 0.5 mg | 60.00 EUR

[(S)- 1- Carboxy- 2- Phenylethyl]- Carbamoyl- L-arginyl- L-valyl- L-argininal

(M.W. 604.71) C27H44N10O6 [37691-11-5]

4062-25 mg | 135.00 EUR
4062-100 mg | 375.00 EUR

[(S)- 1- Carboxy- 2- Phenylethyl]- Carbamoyl- L-arginyl- L-valyl- L-argininal · HCl · 2H2O

(M.W. 604.71 · 36.46 · 36.03) C27H44N10O6 · HCl · 2H2O

Microbial Product (Hydrochloride Form)

Inhibitor for Trypsin, Papain, and Cathepsin A/B

Antipain [37682-72-7], is a high purified microbial product isolated from culture media of actinomycetes. This microbial peptide aldehyde is a specific inhibitor for all trypsin like proteases. It acts like leupeptin or elastatinal, but seems to be more specific. Antipain is often used as essential component in typical protease inhibitor cocktails.

Shipping | Storage | Stability
Our product Antipain Dihydrochloride will be shipped at room temperature. Information about product specific storage conditions will be found on the vial.
Antipain Dihydrochloride is soluble in water and in aqueous buffers as well as in Methanol or DMSO. Concentration of stock solutions are usually 10mg/mL in water, DMSO or methanol. Solutions of Antipain should be stored frozen in aliquots at -20°C under inert gas, because of the terminal aldehyde, which can be easily destroyed by oxidation. Please avoid repeated freezing and thawing by preparing aliquots.

Antipain offered from PeptaNova is for research and development use only, not for drug use, household, or other uses.


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Antipain is distributed through Peptide Institute, Inc. under the technical and scientific advices of Microbial Chemistry research Foundation