4-[D10]Leu-Insulin (Human)

4-[D10]Leu-Insulin (Human)

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4-[D10]Leu-Insulin (Human)
[[2H10]LeuB6,B44,B15,B17]-Insulin (Human)

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Gly- Ile- Val- Glu- Gln- Cys- Cys- Thr- Ser- Ile- Cys- Ser- Leu- Tyr- Gln- Leu- Glu- Asn- Tyr- Cys- Asn
Phe- Val- Asn- Gln- His- [2H10]Leu- Cys- Gly- Ser- His- [2H10]Leu- Val- Glu- Ala- [2H10]Leu- Tyr- [2H10]Leu- Val- Cys- Gly- Glu- Arg- Gly- Phe- Phe- Tyr- Thr- Pro- Lys- Thr
Trifluoracetate Form

(M.W. 5847.8) C257 H343 D40 N65 O77 S6

Synthetic Product
(disulfide bonds between CysA6-CysA11, CysA7-CysB7 and CysA20-CysB19

Purity: ≧90.0% (HPLC)

Stable Isotope-Labeled Peptide useful for Standardization of Insulin Immunoassays

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Our product will be shipped at room temperature. Information about product specific storage conditions will be found on the vial. Stock solutions should be stored at -20°C.


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